Support Pedestal
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SUPPORT Adjustable Pedestal

The Support Pedestal eliminates the need to attach flooring materials with grout or other adhesive materials in an area where slope concrete has been poured and water and heat insulated.

The disconnecting blades on the top pedestal of the Support Pedestal, which offer the opportunity to apply different sizes of 2 to 10 mm, create a controlled joint between the sized flooring materials and lock the system together ... .

Since there is no obligation to cover the joints with any filling material, water does not accumulate on the flooring.

Due to the lack of grout application, the amount of material load in the unit area is reduced, allowing for quick flooring, and even in rainy weather conditions, it is possible to apply it.
The disassembly of the Support Adjustable Pedestal system facilitates the elimination of any defects that may occur over time in heat or water insulation materials or in the installation axles such as water, electricity, wastewater. Therefore, Support Pedestal saves labor, time and material. ... .

The Support Adjustable Pedestals can weigh a minimum of 1,000 kg each, perfectly seated on all waterproofing materials (with special pedestal restraints that prevent damage from the points of delivery) of bituminous, PVC, EPDM membrane or sliding type.

The Support Pedestal reduces contact with water to extend the service life by cutting wood and composite decks.

In the gap between the Support Adjustable Pedestal and the coating material, sanitary plumbing material and wiring can be done.

Support Pedestal can adjust the flooring elevation from 35 mm to 1200 mm and tolerate slopes up to 15%. In other words, within a 15 percent tolerance; the tilt can be put to the floor level and comfortable living spaces.
The layers between the topcoat flooring material and water insulation allow for comfortable ventilation and prevent the layers from being affected by solar effects and heat shocks.

While Support Pedestal 's raw material is recycled polypropylene, polycarbonate or polyester can be used as the main raw material for areas requiring different chemical resistance.

Suitable for pipe, cable and wiring passages.
It provides air circulation.
It is recyclable, environmentally friendly.
It saves work and time with its fast application, it is economical.
It is resistant to high weights.
It easily resists even heavy rains, no ponding occurs on the surface.
It can tolerate slopes on the ground and form flat areas on the level.
It is not affected by temperature differences.
It can tolerate movement in all directions.
It tolerates expansion.