Support Pedestal


Create your own terrace with Support Pedestal.
Support Pedestal offers comfortable living spaces.

Today, where time, practical products and applications are valued, Support Adjustable Pedestal products make it easy to turn your home, garden, terrace, or balcony into an elegant and comfortable living area you wish.

Support Pedestal, which is a modern, free-of-charge system that is easy to implement, eliminates waste of material in case of differences in application thanks to its disassembled feature.

You can then apply the Support Pedestal level adjustable pedestal that you use for your balcony in your garden.

With the Support Adjustable Pedestal system, possible interference to the insulation layer can be done instantly without breaking or pouring. Support Pedestal creates low-cost comfort areas for you.

  • Fast Installation
  • Easy solutions for all kinds of problems and situations
  • Rapid drainage of excess water
  • Proven longevity
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Superior resistance to loads
  • Better sound insulation
  • Better thermal insulation
  • Continuous optimization of our systems
  • A special technical service
  • A lean structure
  • Easier to hide pipes and technical equipment